Each year the Cycle Messenger World Championships go all over the world to celebrate the love and passion that we have for our profession and our lifestyle. This year, bike messengers from across the globe have put their confidence in Paris, to welcome them into the charming streets of our city, and to show them the beauty of Parisian life.
Come and have an wonderful time with us, for the 24th edition of the championships !


This program is subject to change.

From the 28 to the 31 july 2016

Pré-évent Chistole Pistol !!

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From the 3 to the 7 August

Cycle Messenger World Championship PARIS CMWC

Registration : Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm to 8pm at Point Ephémère

Wednesday 3rd August
09h00 15h00 : Group ride in the Chevreuse valley.
18h00 23h00 : Registration at Point éphémère

Thursday 4th August
09h00 23h00 : Track day at vélodrome Jacques Anquetil, la Cipale
17h00 17h30 : Welcoming from the Chistole Pistole Ride
18h00 23h00 : Welcome party

Friday 5th August
09h00 10h00 : Reco main race
10h00 16h00  : Bike main race qualifications
16h00 17h00  : First open forum
17h00 22h00  : Up hill sprint

Saturday 6th August
09h00 10h00 : Reco main race
10h00 16h00  : Main race qualifications : bike /cargo
16h00 19h00 : Side events qualifications
22h00 06h00 : CMWC Ultra Chistole Party

Sunday 7th August
10h00 14h00 : Main race final : bike /cargo
14h00 15h00 : Open forum
15h00 18h00 : Side events final
18h00 20h00 : Awards ceremony


Created in 1993, the CMWCs are hosted each year in a different prestigious city, from Europe and Asia, to the Americas and Australia. In, 2015 the city of Melbourne (Australia) hosted the championships. In 2016, the CMWCs will take place in Paris, for the first time in history.


North America 1995   Toronto, Canada - 1996   San-Francisco, USA - 1998   Washington DC, USA - 2000   Philadelphia, USA - 2003   Seattle, USA - 2004   Edmonton, Canada - 2005   New-York, USA - 2008   Toronto, Canada - 2012   Chicago, USA

Central America 2010   Panajachel, Guatemala  - 2014   Mexico City, Mexico

Europe 1993   Berlin, Germany - 1994   Londres, UK - 1997   Barcelona, Spain - 1999   Zurich, Switzerland - 2001   Budapest, Hungary - 2002   Copenhagen, Denmark - 2007   Dublin, Ireland - 2011   Warsaw, Poland - 2013   Lausanne, Switzerland

Australasia 2006   Sydney, Australia - 2015   Melbourne, Australia

Asia 2009   Tokyo, Japan